Sunday, September 7, 2008

Acoustic Guitar

by: Kevin Brown

If you have not had the luxury of going out and purchasing a brand new acoustic guitar before then there might be a few things that you need to know before you do so. Many people do not realize that there is more to buying an acoustic guitar than meets the eye. It is not all about the look of the guitar it is really about what’s in the guitar, what it’s made of that makes the guitar special. A good tip to start this session off is to only buy an acoustic guitar that is made out of dried wood; everything else will not last and will give off poor sound quality.

If you are thinking about buying a guitar off of the internet then you really need to pay attention to what you are buying, I know from experience you need to read the fine print and make sure what you think you are getting is really what you are getting!

One of the biggest things you need to make sure that you pay attention to when looking to purchase an acoustic guitar is that bridge of the guitar. If you are not sure what the bridge is I can explain that to you as well. Think of the bridge as a megaphone for the sound of the guitar. Basically what it does is takes the vibrations form the strings when they are plucked and it amplifies the vibrating surface of those strings, thus creating more sound, the sound that you hear when you play. The big thing to look for is to make sure that the acoustic guitar bridge is also made out of dried wood. You can get some pretty cheap guitars on the market but that is because the bridges are also cheap and thus you get what you pay for, a cheap sounding instrument.

The next important thing when buying an acoustic guitar is to make sure that the body of the guitar is made out of dried wood. I know a lot of guitars out there can look amazing and be all shiny and beautiful but make sure that the look of the guitar is not what persuades you to make the purchase. You can get a great looking guitar for cheap but you will be disappointed when you try to do more than just look at it, it will sound like garbage. The higher the price of the guitar the better the wood that was used to make the body, remember that.

Don’t rush when trying to pick out a good acoustic guitar, take your time and play the instrument. If you can’t play it because you are buying online then look for reviews, find someone who has played it and see what they thought of the instrument. If you follow these tips when going out and getting that brand new acoustic guitar you are sure to grab a wonderful piece of wood that will last you a lifetime and sound great for many more!